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Mojokerto Wedding Package Considerations

Getting married is definitely something that must be addressed by every couple in the world, getting married is not the end of a relationship but it is the beginning of our new life with a partner, with the aim of fostering a sakinah, mawadah and warohmah household. in the structure of life, why is this said because the purpose of marriage is to get offspring. Of course, every person in the world wants the moment of marriage that happens once in a lifetime is the happiest moment in the history of his life, therefore we should not be careless in planning our marriage.

Planning a wedding is certainly not free from the budget problems that you have, because wedding planning is generally held also with a party or reception. Surely the bride and groom want something memorable and imprint on the heart, because the marriage is a moment that happens once in their lifetime. So it is not surprising if the bride and groom demand perfection in their marriage.

In conducting wedding planning, many aspects or steps must be taken and must be negotiated with spouses and extended families, especially the problem of choosing Mojokerto wedding catering. The following are some steps in planning a wedding in our opinion:

  1. Planning wedding dates
    Of course planning this wedding date is something that must be done first and must be consulted by the spouse and family. Even according to some Javanese and primbon traditions the determination of the date of marriage should not be arbitrary because it is considered to determine the fate of the couple.
  2. Determine the location of the wedding procession
    The couples of course also have to choose the right location for the wedding from the contract until the wedding reception. The choice of place is usually divided into two parts between at home or in the building, all of course there are pluses and minuses like the previous article we discussed in Wedding Package in Mojokerto 2019
  3. Organize and plan who is invited
    Invitation planning is certainly a point and point in planning a wedding, couples must know how many invitations will be spread and who will be invited. This is certainly very closely related to the budget that you have.
  4. Selection of the right wedding vendor
    Well, if you have carried out the three steps above, of course this last step is the determination, success or failure of your wedding. The selection of wedding vendors includes bridal fashion & dress vendors, wedding decoration vendors, venue vendors (if you use a wedding hall), photo & video vendors, wedding catering vendors, and several complementary vendors such as sound systems, electone, bands, singers, mc and vendors binoculars

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